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    Enjoy Cozumel's Breathtaking Beaches & Crystal Clear Water!
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Our Cozumel El Cielo Snorkel Tour is an exclusive snorkel tour owned & operated by our family, and is only available through us. We are the pioneers of the Cozumel El Cielo Tour and have created the first orginal snorkel el cielo Cozumel cielo tour Cozumel Snorkel & Cielo Tour available in Cozumel Mexico. Many have tried to create a similar tour, but nothing compares to our fun and entertaining crew. One of the reasons so many choose us and continue to visit year after year, is because we offer small group tours that allow our guests to have a more personlized experience with our #1 tour guides, who have been featured in manu of our 5 Star TripAdvisor Reviews. Every tour is a unique experience, that is designed to accomodate that particular group on board. We offer our guests so much more and being a small family owned business, each one of our family members help contribute, to make sure everyone has an extrordinary experience no matter what. We are the only tour operator who picks up their guests directly from the cruise pier and also pick you up from your resort, without having to deal with the hassle of taking a taxi to the marina and look for their snorkel boat or deal with taxis overcharging you.

We are a family owned business who are orginally from the states and have vacationed to Cozumel many times before moving here over 20 years ago. We have taken the large group, elbow to elbow snorkel tours and would never do that to our guests. All of our snorkel tours are small group tours, where our guests have plenty space to move around and feel comfortable. We do have much larger yachts that accomodate for up to 35 people, but these yachts are for private snorkel tours only.

Most of our guests are repeat customers who come year after year to enjoy our Cozumel Snorkel & Cielo tour.


Our boats are all designed to maneuver in the shallow waters of El Cielo. When snorkeling in Cozumel with our famous snorkel tour, you will notice that the locations we go are only occupied by divers, because we are pretty much the only snorkel tour operator snorkel el cielo Cozumel cielo tourwho takes our guests to the best reefs, where they will see the most magnificent underwater sights available in Cozumel. We almost always see sea turtles. If you have snorkeled in Cozumel before and have suggestions, we'll make sure to take them into consideration and visit your desired snorkel location. 99% of the Snorkel tours in Cozumel overcharge and take their guests to the local reefs for only 2 hours so they can make more money by taking people on several trips a day. There is no way you will get to experience the best reefs in Cozumel with only 2 hours, because it takes more than 30 minutes to get to the best reefs, and we have very fast boats which get you there much faster. Only a small percentage of boats have their Marine Park passes, and 99% of them are dive boat, not snorkel boats. All of our boats are certified and have Marine Park Passes, so were able to take you where most all other Cozumel snorkel tours can not. Make sure to always ask them if they have their Marine park passes if they plan on taking you to Palancar Reef, Columbia Reef or El Cielo.

Since we only take a small group of people, we will be able to provide personal family snorkel tour in cozumel mexicoassistance to those who may need it, and who may not feel as confident in the water. So if you never went snorkeling or aren’t a strong swimmer, don’t worry, our snorkel guides are specialized in helping you get in and out of the water, and assist you while your in. Our boats make it much easier to get in and out of the water like most of the other snorkel & dive boats available.

After snorkeling the best reefs in Cozumel, which are Palancar Reef, Columbia Reef & Palancar Gardens (Shallow), we'll head over to El Cielo Cozumel. Depending on the group that day, we may go to Palancar Gardens first, since it is a shallow reef. El Cielo means “HEAVEN”, and fits it perfectly, because it’s the most spectacular place in the Caribbean Sea. Our boats are able to navigate to the perfect shallow spots in El Cielo, and making it very easy to get in and out of the water. The water in Cielo is very shallow usually only best el cielo tour in Cozumel Mexicowaste deep, and is known as a sandbar. El Cielo is only accessible by boat and is about a half mile from the coast and 30 minutes from the cruise ships. There’s powdered white sand that massages your feet every step you take, so you’re able to walk around barefoot without any worries. We have floaties that you may use to float around and relax. You’ll have your choice of drinks, which include beer, Liquor (Tequila of course, or Vodka etc. and take special requests), Soda and Iced cold water. You’re more than welcome to bring your own favorite beverage as well, or let us know so we have it ready for you. Our snorkel guides will prepare freshly made fruits, guacamole, and special requests you may have. Our gaucamole is very famous and loved by all! We always get asked for the receipt :)

Being a small snorkel tour operator, it allows us to give our guests a more fun and entertaining experience. We love what we do and make sure our guests have an amazing experience no matter what.

Flexible Times


KIDS $40

APPROX. 4-4½ hrs

    • BEER & LIQUOR (Corona, Vodka, Tequila...)
    • Gratuities (Optional)
    • Towel & Swimming Suit
    • Sun Screen (Biodegradable Recommended)
    • Sunglasses

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