Passion Island Cozumel "Isla Pasion Cozumel"

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  • Cozumel Mexico is top vacartion destination. Plan your trip to Cozumel with tours en cozumel for a cozumel shore excursion


Don't Pay High Cruise Ship Prices for Passion Island when you can book direct and save money!

Isla de Pasion Cozumel Mexico, is a Private Island off of Cozumel Mexico. Many Cozumel tourists pronounce it Passion Island, which would be correct when translated to English. Isla Pasion is an All Inclusive Beach Getaway to a Private Island known as "Cozumel Passion Island". Passion Island (Isla de Pasion) is truely a spectacular private island with sights that will take your breath away. Theres a reason that Isla Pasion is one of the most popular excursions in Cozumel.

What Does Isla De Pasion Offer?
Isla Pasion Cozumel
, has powdered white sand that meets the most crystal clear blue water that your will ever see. Passion Island, has lots of fun activities for you to choose from which are all included with your All Inclusive Private Island Day Pass to Passion Island Cozumel (Which includes, buffect, open bars, beach activities and games, hammocks, lockers, showers, and much more). While you relax under one of the hammocks located under the palm trees, the kids can have fun with the water toys, or exploring the children's castle and maze, or playing soccer and volleyball which is two of many beach activies coordinated by our fun and entertaining Passion Island Beach Crew. Isla Pasion has lots of water sports, from huge floats to jump on and jump from in the crystal clear waters of Isla Pasion, to lots of fun beach activities to join in, like the famous ballon toss loved by many who visit Isla de Pasion. You may use any of the beach and water toys available to you at no additional cost. Isla Passion, is not only one of the most entertaining and fun attractions in Cozumel, it is also one of the most relaxing all inclusive beach getaways Cozumel has to offer. You may choose from several different options when traveling to the private island of Isla de Pasion Cozumel.

Tour Options for Isa Pasion All Inclusive Private Island Pass:

OPTION #1 - All-Inclusive Pass & Canoe Tour with taxi transportation:
ADULTS: $65 USD KIDS: $40 USD (4-12 years)

OPTION #2 - All-Inclusive & Jeep tour from downtown:
ADULTS: $65 USD KIDS: $40 USD (Minimum Age of 8 yrs for Jeep Tour)

OPTION #3** - All-Inclusive w/ boat transport
ADULTS: $45 USD KIDS: $30 USD (4-12 years)

** With Package 3 you will need your own rental car or take a taxi to the boat dock for Isla De Pasion departure, in the North Point of Cozumel. This is about a 15-25 minute drive from downtown.

Kids under the age of 4 years old do not pay but take the tour at the parents' or guardians' own risk.

Passion Island Tour departs at 9:30am, 11am or 1pm Monday-Saturday, from the meeting point which is a convenient location in downtown Cozumel. If there is a late arrival to Cozumel from a cruise, there is also an extra Passion Island Tour at 1pm. Cozumel Cruise Passengers who arrive at either Puerta Maya or International Pier, will need to take a taxi to the meeting point, which is only a 5 minute drive or less. Cruse Passengers that are arriving to Punta Langosta Pier may walk to the meeting point (2-4 minute walk).

You may choose to just pay for the Boat and Entrance Fee (Option 3), and you may arrive to Isla de Pasion any time between 9:30am and 12pm (Cozumel Time). If arriving to Cozumel from a Cruise Ship and have additional questions, please CONTACT US.

Passion Island Tour Times
9am & 11am (Late Cruise 1pm)

$45 Adults & $30 Kids (Boat & Pass).

Approx. 5 hrs. Jeep Tour | On the Island for 3-3½ hrs.

  • Tour Includes
    • Round-Trip Transportation to Isla Pasion (Taxi Transport & Jeep Options).
    • Jungle Adventure Jeep Tour (Jeep Option)
    • English Speaking Tour Guide
    • Buffet (Grilled Chicken, Fish & much more)
    • Open Bar (Mixed Drinks, Beer & Soft Drink
    • Palapa Huts for Shade
    • Hammocks, Tables, Beach Beds & Chairs
    • Kayaks
    • Lockers
    • Showers & Bathrooms
    • Beach Activities(Beach and Water Toys)
    • Kids Place (Maze, Castle, Beach Activities)
    • First Aid Center
    • Soccer, Valley Ball & Other Beach Games
    • Massage Service
    • Cash Bar
    • Towel & Swimming Suit
    • Comfortable Cloths & Shoes
    • Sun Screen (Biodegradable Recommended)
    • Sunglasses

Additional Information

  • For Jeep option, there must be at least 4 people registered in this Isla Pasion Jeep Tour Option. You will drive the Jeep, so any drivers must show a valid driving licence and may not drink alcohol. Reservations for less than 4 people will be accepted subject to availability and passengers may be required to share a Jeep or pay $10 per person if nobody is available to share.


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